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Fidelis offers wide range of offshore healthcare application development services. Being specialist in the health care application development - both website and windows based desktop application development, we provide reliable & robust software development solutions. 

Health Care Product

inoAts – Healthcare Management Solution

inoAts is powerful web based healthcare management tool with inbuilt robust role based access management system. The software covers the complete life Cycle of a patient-doctor relationship within nursing homes/clinics or hospitals.

The software is logically moduled based on segregation of roles like Receptionist, Nurse, Doctor, Inventory and finance Manager and admin.

The software is flexible enough to have n numbers of roles and n numbers of controlled access per user.

Application flow starts with the receptionists or nurse module through credential based access to the system. This module takes care of patient arrival, registration, and putting the patient in waiting queue. The selection of Doctors could be achieved through the drop down.

Module for the doctor starts once patient is in queue for consultation. Doctors module consists of diagnosis (template of diagnosis could be saved and retrieved) , prescription, attachment of any reports like x-ray, blood reports or any other kind of reports. Doctors could also see the availability of medicines while prescribing and notify the admin as required.

ePrescriptions could be printed instantly. The full and final settlement and exit of the patient is taken care by Inventory and finance module.

The admin module besides creating multiple users and granting the access is responsible for creation of Reports and Cash book maintenance. The module consists of generating reports.

Reports are generated and exported based on revenue generated, medicines consumed, No. of patients filtered by gender, revenue generated filtered by doctors, medicines, patient genders, year,
month etc.

Reports are also generated filtered by doctors, prescriptions (filtered by doctors/genders), expired medicines, dangerous medicines (filtered by doctors) etc.

Health Care Expertise

Fidelis delivers high quality offshore software for customized health care applications to health care providers, health care institutes, hospitals, doctors, physicians, clinics and health care enterprenial communities. Services include

  Fully integrated Health care Information system for hospital community. 
  Health care software solutions. 
  Health care application development with detailed patient information system. 
  Online health care payment system. Pharma application development. 
  Health care application development with integrated medical billing software. 
  Health care reporting tools and surveys. 
  Health care application development with integrated medical billing software.

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