Engagement Model
Depending upon the project type, timelines and complexity we offer our clients to choose from the engagement models below or a combination of them for different phases of your project. We are flexible to facilitate the delivery model as per our client�s requirement.

We deliver solutions through engagement models
Fixed Duration/Cost
If you know exactly what you want done, and are specifically defined in terms of the requirements, schedules and project path with good technical specifications, then fixed priced projects are a good way to go an ideal model for small or medium sized projects.
We work with clients to baseline the requirements, deliverables and identification of the technologies best suit for your project.
Time and material
If it is hard to visualize the completed work product or struggling to define the phases, Time and Material best suits here.
Time and Material Development pricing model works the best for projects which are of medium to large scale and longer in duration where project specifications get evolved over time.
Time & Material Business Model offers its clients the flexibility to alter requirement specification, team size and time line of projects based on market trends and feedback. Client pays fortnightly/monthly fee per resource
Seamless extension to your staff
You can assign work to our resources as a dedicated Programmer / Team, lay down the working methodologies to be followed, delivery schedules etc. Regular updates and reports will be provided allowing you to track the work done. The intellectual copyright of all work done by the team would remain with you.
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