The Power Of Groovy and Grails

Ruby on Rails is certainly the current firmest developing framework for agile web development which one can witness in various technologies forums and blogs.Groovy a new language sitting on top of the wide variety of Java libraries tries to emulate the Ruby language by giving in a model to allow dynamic typing which relaxes the rigid strong typed ness of Java to become more flexible. The most fantastic part in acceptability of Groovy is it follows the MOP semantics that Ruby has and provides usage of all Java classes in the usual manner.

Groovy is
An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform with many features that are inspired by languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers using a Java-like syntax. Grails is the frameworks which works on Groovy language muck alike Rails framework on Ruby which promises to make the development of an enterprise application a matter of fun by cutting of the time of making classes and loads of deployment descriptors every time you need something as simple as printing out Hello Fidelis . Moreover Grails provides the same flexibility for AJAX integration as Rails does.

“Groovy somehow bridges two worlds: the scripting world and the enterprise Java world…

Surely the throughput by working with Grails would definitely be higher than working the current methodologies of J2EE in my opinion. This would be the biggest and probably the best thing to ever happen to the Java community in the current web world of AJAX. The promising a nature of Grails comes as more trustworthy with the heavy weights like SUN, BEA, Oracle and IBM giving their support to its developmental activities. Seems like the time has arrived where the Java community including me can find time to party at last! A test of time, can Groovy be the Holy Grail for Java world?

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